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Sunday, 26 April 2009

"Go, go, go!"

I've been given the opportunity to be a commentator on Ulitmate Comms!
You can expect me on their channel here
My first commentatation (o_O) will be Shadow the Hedgehog.
So make sure you subscribe to that channel, and keep an eye out for the Shadow the Hedgehog playthrough!
Many thanks are given to NinjaGuy26 for allowing me in.
Also, I HAD 100 subscribers!
Now I have 98. Grr, stupid unsubscribe option.
Anywho, take care all.

Friday, 10 April 2009


Sometimes, it's good to be depressed.
Why? I got freaking honours.
You guys may have known a couple of days ago, I went depressed. Again.
I'm better now though. Hell, have a happy face! :D
But I posted a video to ask peoples to make video responses and comments, and, well, looky here.

Says it all.
I temporarily was #1 Most Responded!
In fact, it's still on a roll!
I've even got a This Month honour!
Thanks to everyone that helped, you're all awesome, even if you didn't know what went on.
Take care!
Marcus 'danday352'
P.S Check out this kick ass 8-bit remix by Tom!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

That went well...

My laptop has been fixed!
Let me tell you a short story. With 'short' being the main word.
On 29th, I went Mega Man crazy. So much, I was a naughty boy and downloaded a torrent of Mega Man X8.
Then I required a keygen, which I downloaded, not knowing it had a VIRUS.
Thus my laptop keeped on BlueScreen'd.
Then Tom (xXDJTJ222Xx) fixed it!
And now it's running on XP!
A) Easier video making
B) Faster laptop
and C) I can play Sonic R, 3D and Riders!
Many thanks to Tom and check out the next podcast and MY Top 10 Sonic games 2009!
Also, remember to follow my other Twitter for Danday Movie info!
Marcus 'danday352'