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Friday, 29 May 2009

I'm ACTUALLY back!

I have returned from my cruise and had a pretty good week.
Met a friend, there was a pretty good arcade and they had a Wii!
So, there are two videos coming soon.
A) The 36th podcast about the cruise
and B) The 200th video special, which will be a video response to Tom's new internet meme.
Unfortunatly, I couldn't find Klonoa, but I'm going to purchase it from instead.
Also, I have bought 12 Months of Xbox LIVE, so I get to annoy the crap out of all of you for one more year!
ALSO, I may get another game, cause after I get Klonoa, I'll still have £15, so I may get some points. May get Castle Crashers. Then Unleashed DLC.
So, that's it.
Marcus 'danday352'

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I'M BACK! (ish)

About the title; today, Thrusday and from Saturday onwards, I will have internets! Many of you know about the internet problem, but for those that don't, need pay interwebs.
Anyways, I have seen the four birthday videos and the shoutout video.
Many thanks to;
and finally,
Oh yeah, and steviet7 for the shoutout and Dave for the funny podca... I mean, VLog.
Also, I have suddenly got excited about Klonoa. Hence why the background has Klonoa on. However, the review will, of course, after my holiday.
Ah well.
So just a many thanks to everyone for the birthday videos and I hope you'll enjoy the reviews!
Marcus 'danday352'

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Birthday stuff!

This post may change over the course of this week.

This list is showing stuff I may/will get for my birthday/out of my birthday money.
These are;

Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast) (Will. Present.)
Need for Speed Carbon (PC) (Will. Present.)
Need for Speed III (PC) (Will. Present.)
Xbox Live Gold 12 Months (Xbox 360) (Will. Money) £40
Klonoa (Wii) (Will. Money.) £17.99
Left 4 Dead (360) (May. Money.) Around £20
Sonic and Knuckles (MD) (May. Money.) £10
The Conduit (Wii) (Doubtful. Money.) £29.99
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (360) (If found for good price. Money.) £8.19

Hoping for: £126.17 for all

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Yes, indeed it is a post!
I haven't done an update in about a week.
So, I've suddenly grown to like Hardline.
For those that don't know (the 6,706,993,998 of you), Hardline were a metal band that came to late to make a mark. The 90's. (Ahh, the 90's... Miss it very much)
But anywho, I'd recommend you listen to Hot Cherie, Life's a Bitch and Voices by Hardline, cause those are the best songs.
Secondly, it's my birthday in 12 days time!
I may make the next podcast then. It'll be easier and I'll have more to talk about.
So, next time you see the next podcast, I'll be 15! (Why am I so young compared to everyone else? Still, PWNED JACK AND RAY!)
So.... yeah.
I may see Monsters VS Aliens with a friend. I'll have to see.
See you all soon!
Marcus 'danday352'
P.S. Make sure you make a video responce on my birthday podcast, if you're awesome.