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Friday, 27 June 2008

Danday Reviews: Indiana Jones 4

This is an exclusive review for my blogger.
Indiana Jones 4!
So let's get started, of course, it's going to be shorter than usual.
Now, the inclusion of someone new, isn't really a good thing in some movies and games.
In Indiana Jones 4, the new character , Mud (or Dirt or Micheal Parkinson, I don't know)
is mediocre at best, not good, but not bad either.
Now for whip action, yeah... about that.
I mean Indiana Jones, wouldn't be Indiana Jones without the whip and there was barely any in this movie and ALIENS?! Come on!
All in all, compared to the first 3, pitiful. But if your a hardcore Indy fan, watch it now!
Score: 6/10 Above Average

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