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Friday, 18 July 2008

Danday Reviews: Sonic the Movie

OK, so instead of a video review, I'm doing a review on... my blog!
I've already done Indiana Jones 4, now for something a bit more, well, me.

Sonic the Movie, based on the famous franchise, which I'm a fan of, as you all may know.
The movie's action scenes are Sonic standard, enough. Not too much to make it Death Race 2000, neither does it have too less to make it High School Musical (why did I bring up AWFUL movies? I don't know)
Those looking for a comedy may find some ha-has here. I mean, there is one point where Sonic goes 'SHUT UP, TAILS!!!!' (probably the result of MANY YouTube Poops) and some other stuff I can't be bothered to type.
Language? Only the word 'pervert' (not saying, who, when and where)
All-in-all, for violence fans, okay.
For Sonic fans, amazing!
And because I'm a Sonic fan, it gets a:
9/10 Immence

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