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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Text Reviews: Overspeed

It's a text review!
This is how they will go down. Four scores; graphics, sound, gameplay and length
Graphics: How the game looks and feels
Sound: How the game sounds
Gameplay: How the game plays and how well
Length: How long the game will last after the single-player stuff.
Right, time for the review.

Overspeed is a little known game by City Interactive and groove. Yeah, I don't know them either. But anyway, in a nutshell, Overspeed is your average Need for Speed/Midnight Club kind of game, with a tad bit of that online space racer thing.

For a CD-rom game, it looks superb. The cars look brilliant, either during gameplay or in the garage. Also, the fact there are NINE camera views, and damage system that is pretty nifty and you got a cheap man's Project Gothem Racing and Need for Speed (before the series was ruined)

The soundtrack is awful. However, you can get rid of the shitty 'bounce' music and replace it with your own tracks. I'm not joking. I wasn't expecting it either. As for the car sounds, tyre squeal and crashing sounds? Well, they're OK.

The gameplay is just you and some-one else on a track. Simple, right? Nope. The controls are horrific. Seriously, you have to use the handbrake on EVERY turn. Also, you have to go round a track five times to learn it. Trail and error is not what a good racing game makes. Add to that nearly every button on the keyboard having a useful purpose, and you've got cramped fingers for seven weeks.

Very short indeed. There is multiplayer online for up to four players, but, as is usual, there is NO-ONE ONLINE. The story mode will take you perhaps a couple of hours.

For a budget title, it's great. Very fluid, very nice and the ability to play your own music. If this was about £9.99, don't bother.

Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 7/10
Gameplay: 3/10
Length: 5/10
TOTAL: 7/10

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