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Thursday, 12 March 2009

T3h R3f13X?

Anywho, before you ask, I like The Reflex by Duran Duran. I'm listening whilst writing this post, in fact! And The Final Countdown. :P. Got that? Right, time for the post.
Sonic and the Black Knight is out tommorow!
I'm more excited than ever before! More than Unleashed!
Also, I'm getting SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection on Monday!
So, anywho, Red Nose Day tomorrow too. As you can see by my new YouTube/Twitter/MSN picture, I'm ready.
Are YOU?
Well, technaclly, I'm not either. :P
So, the Black Knight review has been pushed to Tuesday.
A) I'm going to a house-warming party this weekend
B) Getting SEGA MDUC on Monday
So, that's all really.
See you all soon!
AND videos coming VERY soon!
See ya!
Marcus 'danday352'

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