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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

About the up and coming series's's's's....

Many of you reading this are still scratching your head over the Coming Soon list on my channel.
Well, scratch no more (it'll start bleeding) because I will explain more!
This will be an informational section. For randomness, WAIT!
Disclaimers will be underneath all this
Firstly, one that's been up there for some time; DandayMobile

DandayMobile is a comedy series based on famous shows from the past and present.
In Episode 1, danday352 and guests will make parodies of Deal or No Deal, Olympics, Top Gear and Angry Video Game Nerd.

Next, Super Sonic Fan

Super Sonic Fan is a take on Nintendo Fanboy Room - EXPOSED by Awesome Sauce
This will feature the same concept and NFR but with Sonic merchandise instead of Nintendo.

Finally, a more recent one; Fear the Danday

Fear the Danday is another comedy show where danday352 takes the role of many people on Xbox Live. Common people though
In Episode 1, danday352 will take the roll of a Halo fan, saying stuff about the weapons and environments.
At the end, danday352 will say to everyone ''You've just been danday-ed!''

DandayMobile is a comedy show, created by Danday Videos.
Deal or No Deal is owned by Endemol and shown on Channel 4.
Top Gear is owned by the BBC
Angry Video Game Nerd is owned by Cinemassacre
Super Sonic Fan is a fan-made video, created by Danday Videos.
The Sonic the Hedgehog character and video games are owned by SEGA.
All other merchandise is owned by their owners (...)
Fear the Danday is a comedy show, created by Danday Videos.
These shows may contain violence, language and sexual scenes.
Children under the age of 13 should watch these shows with care.

Ahh, my hand!!!

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