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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

New Sonic games verdict

So, my verdict on the new Sonic games:
Firstly, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.
Now, you all might well know, I've played it and it's great.
The exploration is easy, a nice bunch of characters and the fighting is nice, if not needing some practice.
All in all, a great start for Sonic in the RPG era.

Next, Sonic and the Black Knight.
This sounds cool, like Zelda meets Sonic but with sword fighting, not wolf transformation. Being based in the King Arthur type of thing, is a great concept and Jun Senuoe doing the music again is brilliant. The new character? Well, she be annoying or not? No-one knows!

Finally and I wouldn't forget this, Sonic Unleashed.
This is looking, not to be the best Sonic game ever. No, the best game ever. The graphics on PS3 and 360 rival all the games on those platforms. PS2 same, Wii? Damn you to hell, Mario! The wolf sections look outstanding. Also, the fact that Dimps (Sonic Rush) are doing the daytime sections and Sonic Team are doing the nightime sections, this is looking perfect.
Gripes? None. I've never been so hyped up for a game.

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