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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Halloween Podcast Info!

Get it while it's...
Well, it never WAS hot, but, ah well, here's the info anyway.
This is what will be featured in the SPO.OKY (See what I did there?) podcast special!
Firstly, I will, of course, be all dressed up, as...... Evil Danday!
Obvious, isn't it?
Secondly, another background update! And, of course, it's Sonic!
Thirdly, everything in my podcast that was expected a couple of days ago.
Go check out that post to find out what.
So, see you then!
And, remember, there will also be a special Halloween Danday Live! episode on Halloween, from 6pm-8pm!
Check it out!
Marcus 'danday352'

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