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Sunday, 19 October 2008

New info!

OK, I've got alot to get through.
Firstly, there will be a bunch of videos this month. Two birthday videos (one of them I've got to do in a week) the Halloween podcast and the Q&A answers.
Secondly, I have a Dreamcast! £20 from Gamestation with Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi.
Two downsides though. One: No VMU, have to buy one. Two: Crazy Taxi WAS broken. Fixed now, thanks to Gamestation. There will be reviews and a special called 'What is the best sixth gen console?'
Thirdly, check out this video;

This is steviet's 2nd Machinima, but isn't 'cheap as chips' ^_^
I also co-star in it, as a posh British guy, a Russian, and a hardcore steviet fan!
He did a very good job and I've already watched it 5 times!
That's it guys! The next video will be up next Monday.
See you all soon!
Marcus 'danday352'
P.S. Check these out;
These are hardcore remixes of the Danday Song. The sadness in this country...
This is by steviet's back up account, steviet7FTW. It's alright, and has a nice logo.

This is by another friend, called Alic. This I think is the better version, but no nice logo, like steviet's one.
So that's it.
Now, go dance in fire!

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