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Friday, 7 November 2008

Confirmed stuffs!

Good news! Sonic Unleashed has a release date!
The bad news? It's what I feared. 3 WEEKS!
I can't wait THREE WEEKS! Well, maybe I can, but only just!
(Yes, I have gone back to putting exclamation marks at the end of everything)
Some more good news as well;
This is the back cover of Sonic Unleashed on Xbox 360. And guess what! There is going to be DLC! OMG!
Also, Danday Reviews: Sonic Unleashed with deepholeintheground has a confirmed date too!
30th November.
However, I will need to find out if dhitg (Luke from here on in) can do that date.
Finally, SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection is confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3!
Thus far, it's coming out early 2009, so is Sonic and the Black Knight.

That's all your SEGA and Danday stuff for today.
Now for randomness.
Vertical Pizza from Pizzamax! CAN YOU HANDLE THE HEIGHT?!
Yes, yes I can.
Marcus 'danday352

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