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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

It will be here soon...

Hey, guys.
My patience has reached level 12 and my excitement has reached level 3859584365986539636, or any random and high number.
Yep, it's Sonic Unleashed, coming to Britian next Friday! (Or 2 Fridays from now. That would be very sad face)
Unfortunately, the wikipedia article, which is my first resort for Sonic Unleashed information, hasn't been updated since, I don't know 2-3 weeks ago?
Also, The Sonic Stadium thinks a bigger problem is someone posting 18 submissions in their competition, rather than Sonic's next big game. Disgraceful.
Anywho, the Sonic Unleashed fund is at a whooping, £32.
8 more pericous Great British Pounds needed for the game I've been excited about since day one.
So, that's all about Sonic Unleashed and this article really, except...
Me and a friend from school (1gnorence, or however it's spelt) are doing the 3rd episode of GTA Madness!
However, don't think this is the end of Danday and Doctor Productions. We decided to change our game. The second DaDP video will be on... the Call of Duty 5 beta!
Anywho, that's all your news for now.
And now the weather with the Admin....
Oh dear.
Marcus 'danday352'

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